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Lendefi Protocol

Lendefi is pleased to announce the engagement of Blockchain Labs Asia as lead developers for the Lendefi protocol. After a week of collaboration and handover, Blockchain Labs Asia is now expediting the delivery of the Lendefi protocol.

Lendefi recently ran a poll to determine the community’s sentiment towards the development of Lendefi’s protocol. The poll asked if the community prioritized a swifter, agile approach to development, or a slower approach, based on waterfall methodology.

The results identified that a significant majority of the Lendefi community desired a swift, agile approach. The final results were 84.4%

An agile approach to protocol development has been chosen over a waterfall methodology.

At Lendefi we are building the lending protocols of the future and our vision is for our protocol to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). We believe that our token holders are ideally positioned to guide the strategic decisions necessary to shepherd Lendefi into long-term success.

The Lendefi protocol is still in its development phase, but the support from our token holder base has been inspiring. We recently ran a Twitter poll asking our community if they would prefer a swift delivery of the Lendefi protocol based on agile development, or slower delivery of the protocol using waterfall methodology.


Lendefi Finance wants to make it easier for you to get access to funding. The developers behind the project wanted to create a decentralized alternative to the current lending business models. They came up with a unique peer-to-peer undercollateralized lending system that leverages top DeFi lending pools to provide lenders with more protections.

This strategy allows the platform to offer these services in a permissionless and trustless manner to its users. In comparison, the majority of peer-to-peer DeFi lending platforms in service today require full collateral to offer you services. This requirement often serves as a financial barrier to new…

The decentralized finance (DeFi) industry started gaining steam in the summer of 2020, propelled by decentralized applications (Dapps). The sector has since managed to carve out a niche market that promises to herald a new era for financial products and services.

The DeFi space harnesses blockchain tech’s power to facilitate robust solutions that will likely reshape the existing financial ecosystem in the future. DeFi products look well primed to eventually replace most traditional financial services, including loans, savings, insurance, and trading.

Why Lending in DeFi is The Future

The DeFi ecosystem has grown exponentially in a relatively short period, with numerous protocols such as AAVE, Compound, and…


Firstly I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our community, we value every member, their contributions and their input. In this document, I will outline the progress of the Lendefi Protocol project, and significant new developments and initiatives to add value.


The Alpha version of the Lendefi Protocol has been completed as per the timelines provided in the Lendefi roadmap, i.e. by the end of Q1, 2021. The Alpha is now available on GitHub. The Alpha is a fork of Compound with a custom borrowing component that facilitates undercollateralized lending.

After reviewing and holding…

With another month almost in the bag, it’s time to recap the latest developments within the Lendefi ecosystem. 2021 might be scarcely two months old, but already it’s shaping up to be a great year for defi, and a particularly good year for Lendefi.

Here’s a reprise of what’s been happening in our world and within the broader Lendefi community during February…

Lendefi Does the Global DeFi Congress in Dubai

In February, members of the Lendefi team attended the Global DeFi Congress, where we were overwhelmed by the response from everyone we met, many of whom savored our vision of the future of crypto lending. …

Lendefi has entered a partnership with MahaDAO — a decentralized organization behind ARTH, the world’s first valuecoin.

Partnerships and cooperation between various projects are the most important drivers for DeFi development, improvement, and adoption, that will benefit all users. The Lendefi and MahaDAO partnership is a crucial milestone — both Lendefi users and ARTH token holders will benefit greatly from it.

Lendefi is a decentralized lending platform that offers favorable terms for both lenders and borrowers. The platform, unlike most other decentralized lending services, allows under-collateralized loans — one can borrow more than their collateral to invest in major crypto…

Lendefi is a leading blockchain-based protocol, offering undercollateralized secured loans that can be used to buy digital assets. The Lendefi protocol is a cornerstone of the burgeoning decentralized finance and crypto-collateralized lending industries. In addition to benefiting borrowers, Lendefi enables cryptocurrency holders to enjoy generous returns for lending their stablecoin assets without incurring custodial risk. The Lendefi team is growing steadily while endeavoring to provide best-in-class service to its community of crypto borrowers and lenders.

Founding CEO Robin Dey has decided to step down for personal reasons and the management team lead by Jim Stathopoulos has appointed Scott Schulz as…

We are proud to officially make public our roadmap, which outlines Lendefi’s journey ahead.

💰 $10,000 ( worth of LDFI ) per month as rewards. The Rewards Program goes for 90 days.

More details:

You can earn a share of $10,000 ( worth of LDFI ) per month depending on how much you contribute to the pool. These rewards are in addition to the normal 0.3% fee liquidity providers automatically get from Uniswap trades on the trading pairs they provide liquidity to.

In order to participate, you just have to whitelist your address ( form is given below ) and add liquidity to LDFI Uniswap trading pair.

To participate you must provide liquidity for…

Lendefi Protocol

Lendefi is an innovative DeFi platform that allows borrowers access undercollateralized loans to invest in crypto-assets and grow their portfolio.

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