Introducing New Lendefi Leadership

Lendefi is a leading blockchain-based protocol, offering undercollateralized secured loans that can be used to buy digital assets. The Lendefi protocol is a cornerstone of the burgeoning decentralized finance and crypto-collateralized lending industries. In addition to benefiting borrowers, Lendefi enables cryptocurrency holders to enjoy generous returns for lending their stablecoin assets without incurring custodial risk. The Lendefi team is growing steadily while endeavoring to provide best-in-class service to its community of crypto borrowers and lenders.

Founding CEO Robin Dey has decided to step down for personal reasons and the management team lead by Jim Stathopoulos has appointed Scott Schulz as CEO.

Scott will lead future growth, technical development, and user onboarding to the Lendefi protocol, entering a project already in Alpha production and Dev testing underway.

Following this decision, Scott Schulz released a statement in which he said: “I’m proud to have had the opportunity to lead the Lendefi protocol. It’s exciting to enter a project that is deep into the development of a new protocol for under-collateralized lending, a protocol that is not yet available in the Defi ecosystem. I’m confident that Lendefi will realize its goals and onboard the next wave of decentralized finance users wanting the trustless custodial experience.”

About Scott Schulz

Scott Schulz is a seasoned fintech industry expert with vast experience in the financial industry. He has overseen a number of large scale projects across the private and public sectors.

Scott has a solid background in Quality Assurance Testing and Regulated Financial Products and is ideally positioned to bridge the gap between financial regulations and blockchain technology. He is a certified experienced investment officer of MIS (Managed Investment Schemes) products, who has created custom financial instruments that satisfy regulatory compliance and investor demands.

Alongside Scott’s IT career in the private sector, he worked to deliver his own private projects as a Property Developer. Through experience in property Scott’s interest in the concepts of technology-driven property investment grew and he moved on to the creation and pursuit of alternative financial products.

We are proud to state Lendefi protocol is pressing ahead under the leadership of our new CEO, Scott Schulz. With his guidance, the team is working towards delivering the best customer experience for a much-needed protocol.

Lendefi is an innovative DeFi platform that allows borrowers access undercollateralized loans to invest in crypto-assets and grow their portfolio.

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