Lendefi partnered with the world’s first valuecoin

Lendefi has entered a partnership with MahaDAO — a decentralized organization behind ARTH, the world’s first valuecoin.

Partnerships and cooperation between various projects are the most important drivers for DeFi development, improvement, and adoption, that will benefit all users. The Lendefi and MahaDAO partnership is a crucial milestone — both Lendefi users and ARTH token holders will benefit greatly from it.

Lendefi is a decentralized lending platform that offers favorable terms for both lenders and borrowers. The platform, unlike most other decentralized lending services, allows under-collateralized loans — one can borrow more than their collateral to invest in major crypto assets. Thus, decentralized finance becomes closer to traditional finance in capabilities, without sacrificing any advantages of DeFi.

Access to a non-depreciating currency, like ARTH, will ensure Lendefi users’ financial security and provide them with a great opportunity to leverage their assets when making investments.

As for MahaDAO — ARTH adoption by Lendefi will stimulate demand for the token. Moreover, ARTH use as collateral is one of the best ways to use the first valuecoin’s advantages.

“We are super excited to have ARTH accessible on the Lendefi platform, driving the usage, functionality, and attractiveness of the world’s first valuecoin. ARTH is still in its early days and we want to bring the benefits of non-depreciating currency to everyone, so this is a big step in the right direction and for all our holders and community members, this partnership opens up new opportunities.” , — said Steven Enamakel, Co-creator of MahaDAO on the partnership.

But the most important point is that by combining capabilities, provided by Lendefi and ARTH, every user gains a powerful toolset to preserve and increase their wealth.

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Lendefi is an innovative DeFi platform that allows borrowers access undercollateralized loans to invest in crypto-assets and grow their portfolio.

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